C++ llabs() - C++ Standard Library (2023)

The llabs() function in C++ returns the absolute value of a long long int data.

The llabs() function can be thought as the long long int version of abs().

It is defined in <cstdlib> header file.

[Mathematics] |x| = llabs(x) [C++ Programming]

llabs() prototype [As of C++ 11 standard]

long long llabs(long long x);long long int llabs(long long int x);

The llabs() function takes a single argument of type long long or long long int and returns a value of same type.

llabs() Parameters

x: A long long or long long int data whose absolute value is returned.

llabs() Return value

The llabs() function returns the absolute value of x i.e. |x|.

Example: How llabs() function works in C++?

#include <iostream>#include <cstdlib>using namespace std;int main(){long long x,y;x = -79182028361LL;y = 129301730192LL;cout << "llabs(" << x << ") = |" << x << "| = " << llabs(x) << endl;cout << "llabs(" << y << ") = |" << y << "| = " << llabs(y) << endl;return 0;}

When you run the program, the output will be:

llabs(-79182028361) = |-79182028361| = 79182028361llabs(129301730192) = |129301730192| = 129301730192


What is the Llabs function in C++? ›

The llabs() function calculates the absolute value of its long long integer argument n. The result is undefined when the argument is equal to LONGLONG_MIN , the smallest available long long integer (-9 223 372 036 854 775 808). The value LONGLONG_MIN is defined in the limits.

What is contained in the C++ Standard Library? ›

The C++ Standard Library provides several generic containers, functions to use and manipulate these containers, function objects, generic strings and streams (including interactive and file I/O), support for some language features, and functions for common tasks such as finding the square root of a number.

How is STL different from C++ Standard Library? ›

The STL contains sequence containers and associative containers. Containers are objects that store data. The standard sequence containers include vector, deque, and list. The standard associative containers are set, multiset, map, multimap, hash_set, hash_map, hash_multiset, and hash_multimap.

What are the three important parts of C++ Standard Library? ›

The C++ Standard Library can be categorized into 3 components: containers, iterators, and algorithms.

How to find the maximum of two numbers in C++? ›

For comparing elements, using "< "

The max() function in C++ is used to find the largest of the numbers passed to it as arguments. The C++ max() function compares the numbers using the less operator. In this case, a and b are the values to be compared. It returns the larger value of the two.

How do you find the absolute difference in C++? ›

The abs() in C++ returns the absolute value of an integer number.
  1. If the number is negative, it will return the positive value (with the same magnitude), for example, abs(-1) = 1.
  2. If the number is already positive or zero, it will return the number as it is, for example, abs(1) = 1.

Do all C libraries work in C++? ›

If the C++ compiler provides its own versions of the C headers, the versions of those headers used by the C compiler must be compatible. Oracle Developer Studio C and C++ compilers use compatible headers, and use the same C runtime library. They are fully compatible.

How would you Recognise a standard library function in a C++ program? ›

Library functions in C++ are declared and defined in special files called “Header Files” which we can reference in our C++ programs using the “include” directive.

What library is free in C++? ›

The free() function is used in C++ to de-allocate the memory dynamically. It is basically a library function used in C++, and it is defined in stdlib. h header file. This library function is used when the pointers either pointing to the memory allocated using malloc() function or Null pointer.

Is C++ STL hard? ›

C++ is known to be one of the most difficult programming languages to learn over other popular languages like Python and Java.

Is C++ STL better than Python? ›

C++ is faster than Python because it is statically typed, which leads to a faster compilation of code. Python is slower than C++, it supports dynamic typing, and it also uses the interpreter, which makes the process of compilation slower.

Is it good to use STL in C++? ›

The standard library consists of a set of algorithms and data structures that were originally part of the C++ Standard template library. STL helps in storing and manipulating objects, and it makes the program reusable and robust.

What libraries should I learn in C++? ›

Top 13 libraries for C++
  • The C++ Standard Library. When you mention The C++ standard library, of course you will immediately think about STL, right? ...
  • Boost. The next library on the list will be Boost. ...
  • POCO. Source: github.com. ...
  • OpenSSL. ...
  • FFmpeg. ...
  • SQLite. ...
  • Dear ImGui. ...
  • JSON for Modern C++
Mar 29, 2022

Why do we need STL in C++? ›

The STL enables us to create code quickly, efficiently, coherently, and generically. Let me tell you what I mean. You'll create code quickly because the STL is, well, a library, so chances are the data structure and algorithm you want to perform are at least basically already implemented and available to you.

What are 4 common container classes you would find in the standard template library? ›

The STL contains sequence containers and associative containers. The containers are objects that store data. The standard sequence containers include vector , deque , and list . The standard associative containers are set , multiset , map , multimap , hash_set , hash_map , hash_multiset and hash_multimap .

What is the maximum 69 number in C++? ›

The maximum number is 9969.

What is Max () in C++? ›

The max() function in C++ accepts two values and returns the larger one. This function is available in <algorithm. h> . The max() function helps during coding contests when you want to find the maximum of two values in the logic.

How do you set the maximum size of a string in C++? ›

Example 1
  1. #include<iostream>
  2. using namespace std;
  3. int main()
  4. {
  5. string str = "Hello world";
  6. cout<<"String is :" <<str<<'\n';
  7. cout<<"Maximum size of the string is :"<<str.max_size();
  8. return 0;

How do you take square root in C++? ›

sqrt() in C++ is used to return the square root of any number. It is defined in the cmath header file. It takes in a non-negative number as an argument and returns the square root of that number. We can state mathematically : sqrt(x) = √x.

What is the difference between two integers in C++? ›

Difference between two numbers using function in C++

The diff function takes two integers as input ( num1 and num2 ) and returns their difference ( num3 ). The main function calls the diff function with the values 1 and 99 as input, and outputs the returned value using cout .

How to add two numbers in C++ with pointers? ›

  1. Declare two integer pointers, ptr1 and ptr2 , and initialize them to NULL .
  2. Assign the address of x and y to ptr1 and ptr2 , respectively, using the & operator.
  3. To access the values stored at the addresses pointed by ptr1 and ptr2 , use the * operator.

What can C++ do that C Cannot? ›

Besides built-in data types, C++ also supports user-defined data types. C++ is an enhanced version of C and supports generic data types. C does not support exception handling, i.e., support in times of 'hard' errors causing code problems.

What does C++ have that C does not? ›

C is a structural or procedural programming language that was used for system applications and low-level programming applications. Whereas C++ is an object-oriented programming language having some additional features like Encapsulation, Data Hiding, Data Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, etc.

Are Python libraries written in C or C++? ›

The complete script of Python is written in the C Programming Language. When we write a Python program, the program is executed by the Python interpreter. This interpreter is written in the C language.

Is math a standard library C++? ›

<cmath> is a standard library header of C++ which is extended from C header <math. h> and comes with namespace std . Since C++ 17, special mathematical functions were merged into the standard from TR1 and linear interpolation function (C++ 20) which were included inside <cmath> header.

Why it is necessary to use standard library in a program? ›

A standard library will have functions to access the file system and perform input/output operations; functions that deal with the data types of the language; functions that allow memory allocation and manipulation; functions that enable multithreaded programming; functions to handle date and time; common math ...

Which is example of standard library function? ›

Standard C Library Functions Table, By Name
FunctionSystem Include FileDescription
fopenstdio.hOpens the specified file.
fprintfstdio.hFormats and prints characters and values to the output stream.
fputc1stdio.hPrints a character to the output stream.
fputs1stdio.hCopies a string to the output stream.
115 more rows

Where can I practice C++ for free? ›

You can test your C++ skills with W3Schools' Exercises.

Do you have to download C++ libraries? ›

In order to use the library in our application, we first need to acquire the library. The library may be precompiled – in such a case we just need to download the library for the operating system. If the library is not precompiled, then we need to download the source code and compile it on our machine.

Do I need a book to learn C++? ›

In the world of programming languages, C++ is considered an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. If you wish to start your learning journey, you can start with the help of Books on C++ or by taking up a C++ free online course.

What is the hardest coding language to learn? ›

Malbolge is by far the hardest programming language to learn, which can be seen from the fact that it took no less than two years to finish writing the first Malbolge code. The code readability is ridiculously low because it is designed to be as challenging as possible, providing programmers with a challenge.

Is C++ one of the hardest languages to learn? ›

C++ is often considered the hardest language, but it's not the only challenging one. Other programming languages that are categorized as unusually difficult are Prolog, LISP, Haskell, and Rust.

Is C++ one of the hardest programming languages? ›

No. C++ is an easy-to-code programming language understood and followed by many developers worldwide. Compared to the inconsumable and hardest programming languages like Malbolge, whitespace, COW, internal, and others, C++ is a simple and effective programming language.

What is the salary of C++ developer vs Python developer? ›

A C++ developer has an average salary of ₹7,68,406 per annum in India as compared to the average salary of a Python developer, which is ₹3,88,544 per annum.

Is STL enough for competitive programming? ›

Yes, STL is allowed in competitive programming and is also advised. Competitive programming is all about speed and STL gives the programmers an opportunity to code with speed and focus more on the logic rather than the code itself.

Is C++ or Java harder? ›

Most experts will tell you that Java is easier to learn. It's a newer language than C++ and isn't as complex in its principles or execution. However, there's more to consider than a language's learning curve. Selecting a programming language comes down to what you want to do with it.

Is C++ STL allowed in interviews? ›

Yes! Unless they want to see you implement a specific algorithm by scratch, you can go for it. STL is allowed in coding interviews.

What is the disadvantage of STL? ›

While STL is great at printing complex shapes, it does have relatively limited capabilities in other areas — including colour and texture. For this reason, it's mainly used for creating prototypes rather than the final product. Another disadvantage of STL is that the file can't store metadata.

When should I learn STL in C++? ›

because learning how to use std::vector is lot less complex than the language rules. The STL should be learned right from the beginning imho. Many many books/tutorials teach C++ backwards by presenting the complex pointer stuff at the beginning rather than toward the end with the more advanced concepts.

Is learning C++ enough to get a job? ›

C++ allows you to work on a wide array of projects. Ultimately, C++ is enough to get a job as a programmer, as long as you can invest your time in enhancing your programming skills. You must also make sure that you learn Data structures and Algorithms.

Is it worth learning C++ for machine learning? ›

AI Programming With C++

It executes code quickly, making it an excellent choice for machine learning and neural network applications. Many AI-focused applications are relatively complex, so using an efficient programming language like C++ can help create programs that run exceptionally well.

In which field C++ is best? ›

Here are some interesting areas where C++ is popularly used.
  • Operating Systems. C++ is a fast and strongly-typed programming language which makes it an ideal choice for developing operating systems. ...
  • Games. ...
  • GUI Based Applications. ...
  • Web Browsers. ...
  • Embedded Systems. ...
  • Banking Applications. ...
  • Compilers. ...
  • Database Management Software.
May 26, 2023

Why do 3D printers use STL? ›

Due to their lack of color and texture, STL files tend to be smaller in size yet faster at processing than other formats. This makes STL a smart choice if you're printing an object in a single color and material.

Where is C++ STL used? ›

It is commonly used for efficiently programming data structures, algorithms, and functions. Some built-in data structures include arrays, vectors, queues, etc.

How many standard libraries are there in C++? ›

C++ comes with two standard libraries: the old C library (libc. lib), and the new C++ library (libcp. lib), which is logically divided into the stream library, and STL, the standard template library. Many implementations also include a pre-standard stream library for backward compatibility.

What standard library should almost all C programs contain? ›

As we have already discussed, every C program has at least one function, that is, the main() function. The main() function is also a standard library function in C since it is inbuilt and conveys a specific meaning to the C compiler.

What are the most used C standard libraries? ›

The most commonly used libraries in C are the Standard C Library, the GNU C Library (glibc), and the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. The Standard C Library is a collection of functions and headers that are part of the ISO C standard.

What is the always positive function in C++? ›

In C the output is of 'int' type and in C++ the output has the same data type as input. Basically the abs function evaluates the absolute value of the given value i.e. value after removing all the signs of negative and positive from the number. Which means it will always return a positive number.

How do you use floor in CPP? ›

The floor in C++ is an inbuilt function that returns an integer value that is less than or equal to the argument. For example, the function floor(3.78) will return the integer value of 3 as an output. The floor in C++ is defined in the <Cmath> header file. The article defines floor in C++.

How do you prove a function is always positive? ›

Graphically, if a function's output values are all above the x-axis, then the function is positive. Conversely, if the output values are all below the x-axis, then the function is negative.

How do you check if a string is a positive number in C++? ›

Checking string is numeric with negative or positive
  1. read a string s as input.
  2. if first character of s is '-' and next character is a digit, then. st = 1.
  3. otherwise. st = 0.
  4. end if.
  5. for each character c in s starting from index st, do. if c is non-digit, then. return false. end if.
  6. end for.
  7. return true.
Oct 19, 2022

How do you know if a number is positive in C++? ›

1. The user is asked to enter a number and it is stored in the variable 'num'. 2. If num is greater than or equal to 0, it is positive.

How do you check if a number is a double in C++? ›

To check whether a floating point or double number is NaN (Not a Number) in C++, we can use the isnan() function. The isnan() function is present into the cmath library. This function is introduced in C++ version 11.

Can you do ++ for pointers? ›

The increment ( ++ ) operator increases the value of a pointer by the size of the data object the pointer refers to. For example, if the pointer refers to the second element in an array, the ++ makes the pointer refer to the third element in the array.

What is the greatest integer function in C++? ›

C++ floor()

The floor() function in C++ returns the largest possible integer value which is less than or equal to the given argument. It is defined in the cmath header file.

What is the greatest integer function? ›

What is the Greatest Integer Function? The greatest integer function is denoted by ⌊x⌋, for any real function. The function rounds – off the real number down to the integer less than the number. This function is also known as the Floor Function.

How to convert double to int in cpp? ›

The syntax for typecasting is like the syntax for a function call. For example: double pi = 3.14159; int x = int (pi); The int function returns an integer, so x gets the value 3.

What is the difference between input stream and output stream in C++? ›

Input Stream: If the direction of flow of bytes is from the device(for example, Keyboard) to the main memory then this process is called input. Output Stream: If the direction of flow of bytes is opposite, i.e. from main memory to device( display screen ) then this process is called output.

What are file streams in C++? ›

A stream is an abstraction that represents a device on which operations of input and output are performed. A stream can be represented as a source or destination of characters of indefinite length depending on its usage. In C++ we have a set of file handling methods. These include ifstream, ofstream, and fstream.

Which will be used with physical devices to interact from C++ program? ›

Which will be used with physical devices to interact from C++ program? Explanation: C++ library uses streams to operate with physical devices such as Keyboards, Printers, Terminals or with any other type of files supported by the system.


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